The publications below are geared toward educating readers on identifying different signs of addiction, as well as steps useful in assisting with recovery.  All brochures are available to read online, and printable copies are available for downloading. 

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If you find these publications helpful to your ministry, please consider donating to Episcopal Recovery today so we can continue to provide resources for the ongoing work of recovery. 

  • resource guide: for recovery and recovery sunday

    This 28-page publication is a valuable resource for anyone interested in addiction and recovery from substance abuse. It starts with a letter from the Presiding Bishop, and includes prayers, sermons and topics, hymns, and a curriculum for parishes planning a Recovery Sunday Celebration. It finishes with a comprehensive list of books, literature and organizations that specialize in recovery.

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    $6.00 - 1 booklet

  • helping hands for the addicted

    This is a 2017 revision of a booklet originally published and distributed by the Church Pension Fund. In it The Most Rev. Michael B Curry writes, “I hope that the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement will continue to follow Christ’s witness by ministering to those who have lost their health and freedom through addiction; the individuals and those who love them..."

    In it you will find an overview of alcoholism and other addictions and suggested recovery resources.

    Purchase includes 1 booklet.

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    This small, pocket sized, prayer and meditation book is perfect for anyone in recovery. It contains many familiar prayers used by members of Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as prayers from the Episcopal Liturgy.

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    $1.00 - 1 booklet

    ***Also available in Spanish***  

    Oraciones en Recuperación

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  • 12 Step eucharist cd

    This resource contains 5 different liturgies and 12-Step Intercessions to celebrate a Recovery Eucharist in your church. 

    $5.00 - 1 CD

  • Addiction: helping priest and parish heal

    by The Reverend Nancy Platt

    This is a 30-page booklet that describes both the alcoholic priest and codependent congregation. This comprehensive booklet will help parishes and priests deal with the difficult process of recognizing the alcoholic priest, and how to overcome the group’s dynamic of enabling and help both the priest and parish heal from the effects of alcoholism.

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    $5.00 - 5 booklets

  • Biblical helps for the twelve steps

    compiled by The Reverend A. Phillip Parham

    This pamphlet has readings from the Bible that relate to each of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. For people who want to find more Bible references that relate to drinking and recovery, this brochure will help.  

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    Temporarily out of print

  • enabling

    by Linda A. Meyer, Ph.D.

    Protecting loved ones from the consequences of their actions is a natural act stemming from our concern and care for them. Doing so, however, is damaging in the long run to the alcoholic or addict and to the enabler as well. This brochure tells what enabling is and how to seek help for both the enabler and the addict. 

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    $5.00 - 10 pamphlets

    ***Also available in Spanish***  

    La Complicidad

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    $5.00 - 10 folletos


    This brochure outlines the definition of the alcoholic, who they are, and what to look for in people who may seem to be drinking normally but have physical or personality changes that can be traced to their drinking.

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    pamphlets out of stock

    ***Also available in Spanish***  

    El Alcohólico Funcional

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    $5.00 - 10 folletos


    A guide to becoming a church parish receptive to hosting 12-step meetings.

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    $5.00 - 10 pamphlets


    Essential for people interested in starting, or restarting, a Recovery Ministry, this pamphlet will guide you through the steps to take from start to finish. Based on the experience of other groups within Dioceses around the country, the ideas contained in this pamphlet will help any group meet its goals.

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  • problem gambling

    There are millions of problem gamblers in the U.S. today! This pamphlet is useful to spot the signs of a problem gambler, the types of gamblers, and how the gambler and members of their families may find help.

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    $5.00 - 10 pamphlets

  • publications sample packet

    Receive an introduction to Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church literature by ordering a sample of all our available publications. 

    $20.00 - 1 sample bundle


    Parents will find this pamphlet very helpful when confronting the difficult problems of substance abuse and their children. Written by a woman who has "been there", she knows both sides of the issue very well, and has recovered and is now working in the Substance Abuse field helping others to find recovery. This pamphlet outlines how to spot the problems, how to find help, and how to minimize "enabling" behavior in parents. 

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    $5.00 - 10 pamphlets

    ***Also available in Spanish***

    El Abuso de Drogas y los Adolescentes

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    $5.00 - 10 folletos

  • what the church has to learn from Alcoholics Anonymous

    Rev. Samuel Shoemaker was the Rector of Calvary Church in New York City and was a friend of Alcoholics Anonymous from the start, as well as a personal friend of Bill W. His influence and thinking about the spiritual aspect of recovery from alcoholism is legendary in the annals of AA. This is the text of a sermon Rev. Shoemaker gave after attending the 20th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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    $5.00 - 10 pamphlets

  • DVD: The diocese engages alcoholism

    This DVD is a “sobering” look at alcoholism; the toll it takes on society, families, and the church community is monumental and growing. Narrated by The Right Reverend Robert B. Hibbs, Vice-President of Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church, Inc., this movie will quickly inform the viewer about the serious nature of alcohol abuse and the hope for recovery from the ravages of this illness.



    Alcoholism Defined

    Identifying the Alcoholic

    Identifying Alcohol Abuse

    Denial and Enablement

    Practices of Intervention

    Creating Diocesan Structures

    Q & A Session

    $10.00 - 1 DVD

    Included with the DVD are discussion questions for use in a group setting. 

    Download a copy of the Study Guide Discussion Questions. 

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